Dr. Patrick Chau, M.D. is a general and child/adolescent psychiatrist. He has over 28 years experience as a physician. A graduate of Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1988; Dr. Chau completed his general psychiatry residency and fellowship in child/adolescent psychiatry at University of South Alabama, Mobile Alabama, in 1993.

Dr. Chau currently solo practices psychiatry in Vancouver, Washington, since 1993.

Dr. Chau is a firm believer in the importance of integrating psychotherapy into his treatment regimes, teaming up with patients to find the best plans for their conditions through both counseling and medications. Usually, the initial evaluation is for discerning what portion of the suffering is biological that needs medication, what portion is psychological/cognitive that needs psychotherapy/counseling, and what portion is environmental that needs to help the patient to adapt with the positive attitude. The core principle of the biological/medical treatment is achieving the maximal therapeutic benefit with the minimal/parsimonious medication regimens. The core principal of psychotherapy and environmental adaptation is to help the patient to mobilize the self-help strength to achieve the three goals: 1) the courage to change the things who can change; 2) the serenity to accept the things outside of whose personal control; and 3) the wisdom to know the difference of these two.    
Having lived in China, Hong Kong (UK), and the United States, and has been experience diverse occupational and societal environments, Dr. Chau has learned "becoming all things to all people" with an empathic and non-judgmental understanding.  Furthermore, he has a true passion for helping those with limited resources, given the difficult economic times faced by many, and he is a proponent of flexible payment plans for patients.